Why use two fuel probes?


Oct 6, 2022

Using a single probe to gauge fuel level is fine for making sure you've got enough fuel for the task at hand. Can you use it to be sure that no one is skimming fuel from the tank? Not really, if only one probe is all you've got. Let's see why!

Why one is one too little

With one probe installed it is impossible to detect full refuels and small stolen quantities. As you can see, a single central probe is quite susceptible to false readings if the tank is tilted. A smart fuel thief will know how to exploit such weakness.

1 probe

Why two probes is the way to go

Our two probe solution will make sure you're never left in the dark about what happens in the fuel tanks of your vehicle fleet. Spaced out probes have no problem detecting level differences even in a tank that's not perfectly level.

Our high quality probes are nothing without the smart algorithms we use. SkyFMS software let's you detect the smallest discrepancies and make sure you know who's responsible for them.

Twin fuel probes allow detecting every possible fuel drainage method:

See how it works:


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